BiUP Lunar New Year 5,000,000 TRX Reward

2019-01-17 15:42:00

We are going to give TRX reward to celebrate the coming Lunar New Year.

TRX is a issued by TRON project, which targeted at creating a distribution platform for all digital contents. Its value has increased for almost 100% in this few weeks. Don't miss your chance to get TRX for free!

Event 1. Login to get UPB, and keep login within 7 days to get TRX. (For current and new users)


Event time: January 20th~29thBeijing time


Event Details: Keep login to BiUP mobile APP and you will be rewarded 10UPBper day during the event period and if you keep login to BiUP APP for 5 days with in 7 days since the first login during the event you will be rewarded 20 TRX. *All event rewards will be deposited to your account the NEXT day by 17:00 Beijing time after you fulfill the required condition.



Event 2. Invite new users to BiUP to play “Etheroll” and get more than 500 TRX

Event time: January 20th~29thBeijing time

Etheroll Game Link


You can find your invitation code from the "Get UPB" button no the BiUP APP side bar


Event Details: Invite new users to register BiUP during the event and the new user play Etheroll for a least once, then you will be rewarded with TRX according to following table: 


Invited New User to BiUP

TRX reward


40 TRX


100 TRX 


200 TRX


400 TRX


600 TRX


*If you invited 5 new users and all of them played Etheroll then you will get 100TRX (not 40 + 100 TRX)

Rewards for this event will be deposited at17:00 on 1stof Feb Beijing time.



Event 3. New trader campaign


Event time: January 20th~29thBeijing time


Event Details: For any user(new or existing)who have never traded on BiUP if they start trading the trade pairs in“BiUP Arbitrage”section as shown in the following screen capture they will be rewarded 80 TRX. Rewards for this event will be deposited at17:00 on 1stof Feb Beijing time.



*BiUP will hold the ultimate interpretation right to the campaign rules,if any unethical actions were detected: such as repeated registration by one person / one device,it may result in freeze or cancelation of account.   

If you have any technical questions please contact our online support during office hours www.biup.com10am-7pm Mon-Sat. Beijing Time.